MBI Matchbook finally available for pre-order

I'm thrilled to announce that my very first crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo is underway for the MBI Matchbook, about which I first posted here a couple of years ago.  Click this link (or the image below) to jump straight to Indiegogo now.  事前注文はこちら(Indiegogo)   I'm really excited to be sharing this and you can find out lots more info directly at the Indiegogo campaign page at this link below:  http://igg.me/at/matchbook/x/1274241   Guy@MBI p.s. Thank you as always for your support

1yr later..... the first MBI charger is finally here!

A simple, safe, no-fuss way to keep your MBI Nukes in top shape!

How to shrink your HF-R.....

Some new titanium momentary switches are due next week and whilst I was playing around with them, I had a simple idea for shrinking things a little.

What if....

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In preparation for MBI Zeus™

A new size along with an all new look for MBI Nukes™ just landed at MBI HQ. .... a critical part of the AA Zeus platform.

The Gap

Usually a few times a week, I'll have ideas for something new and exciting. If only I could push a button and turn those things into products directly from my mind, life would be so sweet....

The MBI MatchBook

Just like everything else I've made, todays mini-project was the result of another "wouldn't it be cool if..." and truly just for fun. More art & craft than anything super high tech, I've been wanting to make a matchbook, with miniature lights instead of matches for a few years now and even more so since...


Welcome to my new website and blog. I hope to share more information here, all in one place to make it easier to keep track of what's going on in the MBI world in addition to sharing a little more about the day to day of what goes in to the making of MBI miracles. I'm still trying to figure out everything in regards to this new website but as always, happy to have your valuable feedback about anything and everything.   Thanks so much for your support. Guy / MBI