In preparation for MBI Zeus™

A new size along with an all new look for MBI Nukes™ just landed at MBI HQ as the new size is going to be a critical part of the AA Zeus platform.

Todays post is mostly photos, but hope you enjoy it ;)


Above: The HF-R Black & HF-R Red alongside the all new Nukes.


Just like their younger 10250 siblings, the new 14500 Nukes (AA size) are designed to pump out enough power to ensure that Zeus, Thor and all the other lighting gods are very well satisfied.

To celebrate their arrival and birth of a new era (& size) in a most godly fashion, an extra 10250 Nuke will ride along with all shipments this month.


Above: The first ever HF Prototype made. The original concept was to make the bolt section removable along with the lightning logo a'la "Light'in Bolt".



Above: The HF Tiny (which won't be using nukes, at least in the first version).



Above: The original MBI HF, surrounded by its heavenly match, the MBI Nuke.


....this all means that Zeus is indeed getting closer.

I'm waiting for word any moment now on the ever so vital electronics firmware, and then hope to move rapidly towards the pre-production phase.


Thanks for reading,




Alison Hamilton said on January 22, 2017:

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Guy said on February 09, 2014:

Hi alert_01,

Thanks very much for the comments and be sure to keep an eye on the cpf thread too.

Expecting lots more updates over the course of this month ;)
The 4 lights in the tail, those are tritium vials.

Battery indication is a part of the overall plan but in a slightly indirect way…
I’m looking forward to sharing more about that when I confirm that circuit too.


alert_01 said on February 08, 2014:

I am your fan from Slovakia, looking forward to hold Zeus in my hands. I am refreshing your site almost daily to see some more detailed specs ;-) I would love to see some battery indication, maybe the tail led could do something like that . Cheers.

Guy said on February 06, 2014:

Thanks Th8tredude :)

New components should be here tomorrow for the Zeus PCB.
Totally looking forward to that!

Th8tredude said on February 06, 2014:

Looking awesome Guy! Bring on Zeus! (And throw in a couple tiny’s just ’cause!) The Nukes look great. I think I may need to order some!

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