How to shrink your HF-R.....

Some new titanium momentary switches are due next week and whilst I was playing around with them, I had a simple idea for shrinking things a little.


The momentary switch is a set comprised of two parts (the raw metal parts in the above photo). On the far right is the tail cap which is removable and immediately below it is the momentary switch.

I've already explained how this setup works on CPF in a little more detail in this post but whilst I was playing around, I finally found my stash of QTC pills and a silly though struck me!

What if I put some QTC under the new tail cap.....?


Below: The QTC is the little black square on the PCB.


The result was being able to use the momentary switch along with a very simple infinitely variable rotating switch via the switch cap. I do have plenty of QTC on hand so I'll include a square with each momentary switch kit so you can experiment.


Now whilst I was doing this, I had a 2nd thought.

What if....


What if I put the QTC directly on the battery, removed the momentary switch and then just used the tail cap to close it all?


The result was an ultra-mini HF-R with Infinitely Variable Output.


I have to let you know that to get it to a perfect working model, I removed the spring from the underside of the head of the HF-R, and actually put another square of QTC between the (+) contact point of the battery and the head.


The switch cap needs to be about 2mm longer for this to be a permanent setup to ensure a tighter close when in the OFF position but is rather cool even as is, so something you might like to try if you manage to grab one of the new switches due next week.


Thanks for reading :)







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Guy said on June 13, 2014:

@Th8tredude > thanks very much :)

Th8tredude said on June 13, 2014:

What a great implementation Guy. Simple, but effective. I can’t wait to order a couple of the new momentariness, and this is a definite bonus!

Guy said on June 12, 2014:

Thanks very much.
Gotta say I’m liking the ultra-small form factor so I can see a simple QTC based design on the horizon ;)

HF said on June 12, 2014:

Excellent innovation plus!
Would be very useful.
I don’t mind the maintenance needed for GTC based DD lights in general.

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