1yr later..... the first MBI charger is finally here!

Creating things (for me at least) is a cinch.

I'll be driving to work, or perhaps semi-daydreaming whilst polishing a flashlight, and suddenly I have a flash of an idea.

If my computer is nearby, I'll quickly start a quick digital sketch to collect my thoughts and give it shape and within a day or so, the initial concept is usually done.

Making things is oh so challenging!

The biggest difference between the images on my screen and the ability to turn them into real working products is essentially TIME (... a few other contenders would be, sweat, what would seem like a million emails, specification documents, and enough money to pay for all the prototypes and custom made parts).

Fortunately, all the waiting, anguish and effort tends to come to a graceful stop when a product is finally ready to be launched into the world and shared with those who've been curious enough to keep tabs on my creations and kind enough to continuously offer their encouragement and support.

Thank you MBI tribe for helping me bring another product to light.


The MBI Nuke™ Charger is finally here

A simple, safe, no-fuss way to keep your MBI Nukes in top shape!
For more details, please visit the MBI Nuke Charger product page.

(Oh and for those of you waiting on the Ti model, its not too far behind now)

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