MBI Matchbook finally available for pre-order

I'm thrilled to announce that my very first crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo is underway for the MBI Matchbook, about which I first posted here a couple of years ago.

 Click this link (or the image below) to jump straight to Indiegogo now.



I'm really excited to be sharing this and you can find out lots more info directly at the Indiegogo campaign page at this link below: 




p.s. Thank you as always for your support


Michael said on July 19, 2017:

Hi, interesting product — I am considering them for use on-stage in theatrical productions (where real open flame is problematic). It seems there hasn’t been any updates in a while? I went to the pre-order page, and there doesn’t seem to be any info on whether you can still get those items, or if production has ended, or if items are still available from the first run? I’m hesitant to commit money to it if I can’t be relatively sure that I’ll be getting the product, and/or an approximate timeline.

If I had one suggestion for the product — to make it more useful for my application: While I like the one-handed push the tip in to turn on. I wish that truning it off could be a similar one handed operation. Either by pushing the tip again, or by pressing theback maybe? Another feature would be a sort of capacitive-touch option, so that when you let go of it, it appears to go out.

I realize you’re going more for a flashlight that looks like a match, as opposed to a simulated match effect, but maybe worth considering as a possible niche for future production.


John said on January 12, 2017:

They just arrived.
My wife surprised me!

Jesse Estrada said on November 30, 2016:

I love this product. I was a indie supporter and I’m ashamed I didn’t order a few more when I signed on. I hope they are available for Christmas. I love my matchbook set I got a couple of weeks ago and they are not only unique but very utilitarian. Awesome idea can’t wait to get a few more.
Thanks again, it was well worth the wait and the updates on the entire project.

Jesse, Downey, CA

lyonel said on November 26, 2016:

is the pack with 7 white and 1 red will be available soon?
i only found red pack, green pack or multicolor pack
this is amazing ans i really want one

Rpm said on November 03, 2016:

I just got my matches in the mail from the indiegogo order. They are AMAZING! What a great feat of engineering! Even my wife said “WOW!”

Art Mier said on October 29, 2016:

(1) When can I expect to receive my submitted order?
(2) When will the chargers be available for sale?

Brantley Kelly said on July 08, 2016:

Are these rechargeable and do you all offer trials or send testing units? Or samples

Guy@MBI said on March 27, 2016:

Hi Bonnie,
Thanks for taking an interest.

The Matchbook is currently available for preorder on Indiegogo here:

Starting at USD $32


Bonnie said on March 26, 2016:

How do we order these and how much are they? US

Guy said on March 17, 2016:

Hi David,

Thanks for your post and question.
The matchbook is about as rugged (perhaps slightly more) than a typical matchbook though I do plan to offer spares.
I did spec out making these from a PLA/PPP (plastic material) but the minimum quantity to make that viable is in the order of 5,000+ so for this very first version and market test of sorts, it’s going to be made from a water repellant card stock.


Guy said on March 17, 2016:

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the question.
I think the base technology is going to be similar (as my original design was based on these and mentioned in my original blog post). I’m not familiar with that brand but some of the fishing specific lights tend to use a slightly different battery chemistry that has a shorter shelf life (due to saltwater being the primary operating environment).
I have also designed an original LED/switch mechanism for the head however I’ll need a fairly serious volume to make that commercially viable.
The assembly for the original head/LED mechanism is patented and so I’m working within the scope of that and the original license holder for this version, of course with some additions (sheath, magnet, and the all important matchbook itself) originally intended for my existing customer base but should there truly be a demand for these with replaceable/rechargeable battery, I would love to implement my much improved design that affords higher output and easier to use switch mechanics along with the benefit of it being non-disposable.


Matt said on March 17, 2016:

Hi, what’s the difference between your product and the “Thill Nite Brite” fishing lights that have been available for many years?

David said on March 17, 2016:

HOLY SMOKES! I have been dreaming of these things once I started playing with LEDS!
Love it. Off to Indiegogo to order now. Looks great.

Is the matchbook cover pretty tough? I hope so.

Guy said on March 16, 2016:

Hi Kyle,

Thanks very much for your question.
Yes, absolutely the matchlight can be switched on & off again, even after activating it.
So you could use it for a few minutes, switch off and then on again, and repeat.

I very much appreciate your offer for a review and I’d be happy to consider sending a sample when the first production is completed.


Kyle said on March 16, 2016:

Are you able to turn on and off a matchlight after activating? This would help conserve battery.

Also, I have a youtube channel, Urban Survivor, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCexTbDXgk2vQY7fUtXtx98A , where I review flashlights and also assemble micro and regular sized survival kits. I would love a sample of your product to review for the channel.

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