HF/R Momentary Switch


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The HF/R Titanium Momentary Switch is an add-on option for your HF/HF-R.
This option lets you add an instant-on button for ultra fast, one handed access to the high mode.

Having personally carried a prototype version of the momentary switch for about a year now, I've gotten so used to its convenience I never take it off.
The momentary switch can be used as a standalone single mode switch or together with the existing rotary tail switch and because the momentary switch provides a direct path to the battery, there is near zero resistance in the circuit path which translates into an even brighter high mode than with the standard rotary switch.

Included: Titanium Momentary switch, Titanium Switch Cap 
Compatible with: All HF & HF-R series lights
Length: 20mm (standalone) or 15mm (when used in-line with a rotary switch).
Also included as an unofficial accessory is a tab of QTC for experimental purposes. Using the QTC, your Momentary switch becomes a dual function, Momentary pushbutton + Variable Output rotary switch.

Below: place the QTC in the center of the Momentary Switch base and then replace the Tail Cap.
#Please note the switch on this page does not include a flashlight. It is an add-on for either the HF or HF-R flashlights.