HF/R Spare Battery Holder - End Caps


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A keychain-able battery holder for your HF/R.

These specially machined "EndCaps" were designed to fit into both the 10250 & 10440 battery tubes  that come as standard with your HF/R, allowing you to use them as rugged, yet portable spare battery holders, that match the elegant knurling pattern of the HF-R series.

The "EndCaps" are available as either a standalone product (for use with an existing spare 10250/10440 battery tube) or as a complete battery holder set (with the choice of either the 10250/10440 battery tube).
The 10250 set is sized to perfectly hold 1x MBI 10250 Nuke li-ion battery.
The 10440 set is sized to hold a 10440 li-ion battery or AAA battery of equivalent size.

EndCapsOnly include ($18.00) :
1x Top Cap, 1x Bottom Cap (requires a body, not included,  to hold a battery)

EndCaps+10250 include ($32.00) : 
1x Top Cap, 1x Bottom Cap, 1x 10250 Body (a complete battery holder set)

EndCaps+10440 include ($38.00) : 
1x Top Cap, 1x Bottom Cap, 1x 10440 Body (a complete battery holder set)

Available in a choice of Titanium and Copper, please be sure to double check your selected option before purchasing.

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