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MBI HF™ - The worlds most powerful 2inch flashlight.

(Limited stock of MBI HF™ Aluminum Aero available here)

In the original MBI HF™ bolt design, the MBI HF™ is a multimode keychain flashlight ranked by everydaycommentary.com as the #1 keychain flashlight in the world.

There is nothing else as powerful in this size/class.

The MBI HF™ unique rotary switching mechanism allows you to switch modes instantly and directly to the mode of your choice without ever having to worry about losing the tail or head as with a typical twist-switch flashlight.

Think of the UI (user interface) as a clock with 4 positions for the 2mode version: 
or as a clock with 6 position for the 3mode version
You can rotate the tail either left or right to get directly to LOW, MED or HIGH from the OFF position.
The tail can freely rotate 360 degrees, independently of the body so there is no unnecessary wearing of the threads and no parts to accidentally come loose.


Light, yet rugged the MBI HF™ was designed and refined with the help and feedback of some of the most knowledgeable flashlight experts on the planet right on candlepowerforums.com.


 In the box

  • MBI HF, Micro Flashlight
  • 3x 10250 li-ion batteries
  • 1x 10440 body (for use with 10440 li-ion)
  • 1x HF Custom Aluminum Case
  • 2x Spare O-rings
  • Operator's Manual


  • Length: 57mm
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Weight with 10250 battery: 39gm


XM-L2 5000K XM-L2 4000K XM-L2 2900K Nichia 219
Low / 8hrs 0.5~1lm 0.5~1lm 0.5~1lm 0.5~1lm
Med / 90m ~40lm ~38lm ~36lm ~35lm
High / 5m ~600lm ~500lm ~400lm ~350lm

* please note, numbers are approximate with a fully charged 10250.

* 2mode versions are Med/High only


This is a hobbyist product. It is NOT safe for children or people unfamiliar with the dangers of lithium ion batteries.

Before considering a purchase, its strongly recommended you read through the CPF forum thread here.

High mode should not be used for more than 20 seconds at a time.

Battery Charger:
Because the HF is designed to work with non-standard li-ion batteries, you'll probably need one of the
low power battery chargers featured here if you don't already have one.



#CPF Members: 
Please feel free to include your CPF name in the special instructions section.

Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee
If for any reason, you are not delighted with your MBI HF, simply take it to the post office, within 30 days of receiving it, and mail it back for a full refund. All I ask is that you pay for the postage. 

Quality Assurance 
Please also note that each MBI HF is finished and assembled by hand. This means that whilst each MBI HF will be created to a fine tolerance in terms of size and finish, each will be unique when examined under a magnifying glass. 

Please feel most welcome to contact me if there are any questions you have.
I'm always happy to answer no matter how big or small.