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MBI Nuke™ Charger - Aluminum Black - Portable USB powered, li-ion battery charger

The very first MBI Charger is here!

The "MBI Nuke™ Charger" is a portable, USB powered, li-ion battery charger specifically designed to safely charge small li-ion batteries.

The charger will be available in various configurations as follows:
Open Body - an open bay that lets you see which battery is being charged
Closed Body - a fully enclosed watertight charging bay, perfect for active people on the move.
Extendable Body - a fully enclosed charging bay that is water resistant and can extend to accommodate various battery sizes.


At this time, only the Open Body version is available for the Aluminum Black model.
The Closed Body version is expected in the summer and will also be made available as a standalone option.
At present, the Extendable Body is due to be available in Titanium only.


Key Features
  • Selectable Charge Current (85mA / 250mA)
  • Reverse Voltage Protection (no harm to the battery when reversed)
  • Auto Trickle Charge for very weak batteries.
  • Auto Power-Off at peak charge
  • LED Indicator displays to indicate charging is in progress
  • Miniature white Nano LED can be powered by the battery
  • One body supports multiple battery sizes (Extendable Body version only)

Supported Lithium Ion Batteries
Open Body: 10180*,10250,10280
Extendable Body: 10180*,10250,10280,10430,10440, 10450**
* with a magnetic spacer (not included)
** batteries that are 45mm or shorter in length


 Battery Type 85mA ChargeTime 250mA ChargeTime
Generic 10180 Li-ion 1hr (estimate) x
Not Supported
MBI 10250 Nuke™
1hr (estimate)
Not Supported
Generic 10280 Li-ion
1hr (estimate)
Not Supported
Generic 10440 Li-ion
3hr (estimate)
1hr (estimate)


Click to download the MBI Nuke™ Charger  - Owners Manual (1.2MB PDF)

Charging & Inserting Batteries

  1. Ensure the Charger is NOT plugged in to a USB power source.
  2. Unscrew the Charger Core to insert a battery, with the minus (-) side of the battery pointing towards the bottom (Spring at charger base) and the plus (+) side of the battery pointing towards the Charger Core.
  3. Screw the Charger Core back on to the body.
  4. You can now plug the Charger into a USB power source.
  5. Whilst charging, the RED indicator LED should be ON.
  6. When charging has completed, the RED indicator LED and Charger will automatically turn off.

Note: The charging process will stop when batteries reach a charge of approximately 4.17 Volts.


Removing Batteries:

  1. Ensure the Charger is NOT plugged in to a USB power source.
  2. Unscrew the Charger Core to remove the battery.
  3. Screw the Charger Core back on to the body (so you don’t lose it).


 Using the Nano LED
The Nano LED is a miniature sized low output emitter intended for emergency use only. It is not intended to be a daily use flashlight. The Nano LED can be used as a location beacon or marker in emergencies and in ideal conditions is visible for several hundred meters. It can also be used as an emergency light source or electronic candle.

This is product is for people comfortable with using li-ion batteries. It is NOT safe for children or people unfamiliar with the dangers of lithium ion batteries. 
Before considering a purchase, its strongly recommended you read through the CPF forum thread here.

#CPF Members:  Please feel free to include your CPF name in the special instructions section.

Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee
If for any reason, you are not delighted with your MBI Nuke™ Charger, simply take it to the post office, within 30 days of receiving it, and mail it back for a full refund. All I ask is that you pay for the postage. 

Product Warranty 
The MBI Nuke™ Charger is guaranteed to be free of defect and perform without flaw under normal conditions for 12months.

Please feel most welcome to contact me if there are any questions you have.
I'm always happy to answer no matter how big or small.