MBI Zeus™

Most of the specs for MBI Zeus™ are still under wraps but here's what I can share at this time.
Power Source: 1x AA 1.2~1.5 volt / 1x 14500 li-ion (and then some...)
Modes: 2 (low/high)
UI: Forward Clicky (pushbutton) at the tail
Material: Stainless Steel / Aero Grade Aluminum - Graphite Black Type III (and Ti in the future)
Version 1 Emitter Candidate: XML2 75 CRI 5000K
Emitter Pill: 100% Copper pill, with LED mounted on copper pcb, and the LED thermally bonded directly to the copper pill (not just the copper pcb) for blazing efficiency at high power.
Output: Bright
Reflector: Smooth 
Beam Profile: Perfect balance of throw & flood
Ergonomics: No knurling but designed for a comfortable, non-slip grip, under extreme conditions
Water Proof: 10 meters
Trit Slots: 4
Modularity: Easily replaceable emitter/pill, Ultra Turbo throw head to follow, and some surprises.
Likely Accessories: Case, Holster, Clip (the heavy duty type held by 2 screws)
Other: The SS version makes a good hammer
Other Other: 
Zeus™ is designed to be extremely tough to withstand the most rugged punishment, versatile so you can have it your way, and runs some of the most advanced circuitry on the planet.
MBI Zeus™ Placeholder List
If you'd like to reserve a place for a first run Zeus, please submit the form below. As the Zeus specs are not yet final, there is no firm commitment required/expected from you at this stage.

I will only use this list to offer you a first chance at ordering a Zeus once the details/specs are confirmed, and in the meantime, it helps me keep things manageable and in one place so I can contact you in a timely and efficient manner.

MBI Zeus™ Placeholder List

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