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Optional Trit Install for MBI HF-R™ 

The MBI HF-R is designed to contain tritium locators in the tail to help make it visible (findable) in the dark. Tritium vials are not included by default.

Whilst you can purchase the correct sized tritium vials and install them yourself (see size chart below) I'm able to offer a pre-install service when I have the tritium vials in stock. Please note that adding a Trit Install option may add an additional 3-6 days to the shipping timeline as I need to schedule the install and allow enough time for the vials to cure.

This service includes the tritium vials, installed using Norland Optical Adhesive 61 (NOA61), cured under UV light. My current preference is to completely cover/drown the trits in NOA61 to ensure maximum protection against breakage (eg. from other sharp/narrow objects such as keys etc). This does have the optical effect of making the trits appear thinner than they actually are but is the safest and most durable install option.

If you are ordering the trit install option separately to your original order, please select the "Trit Install" shipping option during checkout to avoid duplicate shipping charges.


The correct sized vials are as follows.

UTT [HF Inscription] -  Trits:6 ,  3 of 1.5mm x 6mm,  3 of 1.5mm x 3.5mm 
STT [Single Trit Tail] - Trits:1 , 2mm x 6mm


Below: UTT Tail.  

Below: (Center) STT Tail.


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